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  • What is Reiki?
    Reiki is universal life energy that helps you feel loved, grounded, and safe. It is a powerful healing modality that transforms or removes negative energy while channeling in positive energy. Reiki alleviates anxiety, stress, depression, and any other negative force that disempowers you. It can also help reduce pains caused by emotional turmoil, such as back aches, joint pains, headaches. Through its gentle energy, you'll feel more relaxed and in tune with your inner voice and peace.
  • What is Sound Healing?
    Sound healing is a healing modality that uses sound frequencies to unblock or release stagnant energy. It is practices in almost every culture around the world for thousands of years. Sound healing is a gentle way to re-invigorate stuck cells and help relieve tension or stress.
  • Does Reiki involve touch?
    Reiki is given either with a light touch or no touch. If you are sensitive and would prefer no touch, just let your practitioner know.
  • How do I prepare for a Reiki session?
    It may be helpful to do some introspection as to why you are looking for Reiki, but it's not necessary to prepare anything.
  • What do I wear to a Reiki Session?
    Wear comfortable clothing. Your body temperature may fluctuate during the session, but we will have blankets to keep you warm.
  • How will I feel after a Reiki or Sound Healing session?
    Generally, clients report feeling calmer, looser, and in a "dream-like" state. It's best to avoid any strong experiences after a Reiki session so you can maximize the healing benefits of being in this relaxed state. The extent to which you experience these feelings will depend on many factors. Make sure to drink lots of water after a session to help the energy integrate.
  • Where are your candies made?
    Candies are prepared by Shirley in her home kitchen based in NJ.
  • Where do you source your herbs for the candies?
    Herbs are sourced from high quality TCM vendors, such as Kamwo and Mountain Rose Herbs. More information can be gathered by emailing
  • Can I request custom orders of candies?
    Yes! Examples of custom orders can include changes in sugar levels, herb concentration (stronger dosage, lower dosage), and special orders for specific ailments. Please email with the subject "Custom Order" to place your order.
  • How strong are the herbs in your candies?
    Candies are made with a low dosage of herbs to ensure that no harmful side effects occur. In a typical TCM herbal treatment, patients are asked to take almost 3x the amount of herbs used in one batch of candy. This means that eating the candies poses minimal impact to your system, and only enough to support what functions that already exist.
  • Are there any side effects to the candies?
    The herbs used in the candies have minimal side effects when taken at a low dosage. As wtih all things, moderation is key. Sugar has inflammatory properties and when eaten in high amounts, can increase inflammation in your body. Pregnant people should discuss taking any herbal supplement with their doctor.
  • Can these candies treat ailments?
    These candies are not meant to be taken as medicine. They have properties that will support body functions, but will not cure. If you have any medical concerns, please contact your doctor or licensed TCM practitioner.
  • How do I use the aromatherpy roller oils?
    You can use them to provide stress relief. Apply to your wrists or neck and allow the scent to flow towards your face. These can also be used to moisturize dry skin on your hands, feet, and elbows.
  • Where do you source the essential oils?
    Essential oils are from high quality vendors and are all non-GMO and certified organic.
  • How do I recycle the bottles?
    You can ship them back to us for a discount on your next order! Please contact for more details.


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