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Herbal Candy Trio! 

Try all three types of candies. Great as gifts, birthdays, or for anyone who loves herbs. Ordering this product gives you 3 full size bags of each flavor at a discounted price. Plus, receive a special sample surprise! :)


🌙Moon Candies 🌙
Moon Candies are made to help you replenish blood and feel strong. If you've been experiencing irregular periods or simply want to nourish your body before your next cycle, this candy can help you do that using herbs like Dang Gui, dried jujube, and goji berries.



Cane sugar, corn syrup, water, brown sugar, jujube, goji berry, angelica sinensis, corn starch (for covering)


🍊Sour Power 🍊
Sour Power candies are an immunity booster! Made with astragalus, chrysanthemum, and orange peel, this candy is especially helpful during cold season, or to help prevent feeling under the weather.



Cane sugar, corn syrup, honey, water, orange peel, astragalus, chrysanthemum, citric acid


🌼Chrysanthemum Candies 🌼
These subtle candies are made with chrysanthemum, a great herb to cool you down in the hot summer. Chrysanthemum also helps with calming and soothing anxieties.



Cane sugar, corn syrup, water, chrysanthemum, corn starch (for covering)


❤️Hawthorn Burst ❤️

Hawthorn burst candies are made to help your heart! Made with Chinese Hawthorn, eleuthero, and chrysanthemum, this trio keeps your body healthy and heart pumping.



Cane sugar, corn syrup, honey, water, chinese hawthorn, eleuthero, chrysanthemum, citric acid, corn starch (for covering)


NOTE: Candies are all made to order so if you have urgent shipping needs, please let me know in the notes!


Each 2 oz pack contains approx 15-18 candies.

Please message me if you have any questions about the product! :)

Power Pack : Moon, Sour Power, Chrysanthemum, and Hawthorn Burst Candies

  • Do not take Moon Candies if pregnant. This product is not intended to treat or diagnose any conditions.

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