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Tips on How to Clear Your Energy

Some practices to keep your mind and spirit healthy.

If you can, take some time for yourself to recharge and stay grounded. Remember that when you show up for yourself, you can better show up for other people! Here are a few ways you can give space for yourself to process and reflect on anything that comes up.


If you’ve ever been stuck in a thought loop where you think about the same events over and over, writing out those thoughts can help you move forward and release you from the loop. Whether you’re new to journaling or have included it into your practice, prompts can be helpful when you feel there’s nothing left to write. Here are some thoughtful prompts to keep your momentum flowing:

  • What am I making this situation mean about me?

  • How is this situation familiar in my life?

  • If I were [trusted person], what would I say to myself?

  • What areas need healing?

  • What lessons can I take away from this?

Energetic Space Cleaning

There are a few ways to clear out negative energies in your mind and space. You can:

  • Use tuning forks or other high frequency instruments to tune yourself into a higher frequency

  • Set up an aromatherapy essential oil diffuser

  • Smoke/incense cleaning with mugwort, lavender, and other sustainably harvested herbs (please note that many smoke cleaning practices, including using white sage and the term smudging, are cultural appropriations from indigenous cultures and result in over harvesting these herbs. If you’d like to engage in this activity safely and honorably, you can learn more about it here ❤️)

Self Healing Touch

Even if you are not attuned to Reiki nor a license massage therapist nor any other physical healer, you can use your own hands to send some healing energy to yourself. Here are some examples of where to place your hands:

  • Hold the back of your head, around your neck, or where your head meets your neck

  • Cup your hands over your eyes and cheeks

  • Place one hand over your heart and the other over your belly

When your hands are in these positions, say out loud or think of positive affirmations to yourself. Some examples include I am grounded and safe or I am loved. Play around with hand positions and see how you feel! What are some ways you keep your mind and spirit healthy? Let me know and I’d be happy to feature it in my next newsletter!

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