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Intro to Chakra Balancing

In the past few weeks, I’ve had a few clients come in and ask about chakra balancing. Different healers approach this work in different ways, so I wanted to share my approach and philosophy around chakra balancing.

First off, what is a chakra?

A chakra is an energy center that connects our physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental bodies together. When we think of chakras, most of us are thinking of the 7 major chakras in our body. But did you know we have DOZENS of chakras? Some float outside of our body and are also located in our joints, each with a specific frequency at which they spin or vibrate. Image of the 7 major chakras

What does it mean when chakras are blocked?

When your chakras are blocked, it means that one or more energy centers are not functioning optimally. This causes your life energy (prana in Ayurvedic tradition or qi in Chinese medicine), to stagnate or improperly flow.

It’s important to know that our chakras are always in a continuous state of flux, and staying in a balanced state all the time, is impossible in daily modern life. Trying to attain that constant balance could also be a detriment — think about the last time when you needed to stand up for yourself. You need your solar plexus and throat chakras to activate!

When it becomes a problem is long term activation/deactivation. You’ll notice you repeat patterns of behavior that aren’t helpful to you. Constant worry, anxiety, restlessness, are all signs that you have been out of balance for too long.

How do I unblock or balance my chakras?

It all starts with understanding what specifically is blocked and how that manifests in your daily life. For example, someone with an out of balanced solar plexus chakra could either be overly domineering or not standing up for themselves enough. The key here is to determine what thoughts or emotions are causing your suffering.

If you’re seeing a Reiki practitioner, talk to them about what feels off. Even if you don’t understand chakras fully, they will have enough understanding to help you clear your energy centers. A life coach or therapist can help with this as well.

For self initiated work, you could try journaling or meditating to get further clarity on what emotions or thoughts are causing a problem. Taking some time away from your normal routine to relax can also help you gain insight.

What can I expect in a chakra balancing Reiki session?

You can expect it to be almost the same as any Reiki session! There may be different tools and techniques used during your session to get deeper into certain areas. Your Reiki practitioner may spend additional time understanding the nature of your block and when it started. This helps us be more specific when guiding the Reiki energy and sending affirmations.

Because Reiki goes to where it’s most needed, you’ll feel more balanced after the session even without fully understanding the blocked energy. Remember to drink lots of water and rest after the session to help integrate the energy!

. . .

I hope you find this intro helpful! Let me know what you think or if you have stories to share about your own chakra balancing experience!

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